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  • Grow your own food

    Be the first generation urban farmer
    by growing fresh organic vegetables and
    herbs in your yard, terrace,balcony or window.

  • Go natural grow organic

    Nature is in perfect balance when left alone.
    Say no to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
    Keep the poison away from your garden.

  • Better home and garden

    Display with art these charming gifts of heaven;
    Let every season have their brilliant bloom,
    their attractive foliage, their laughing colours
    and their rich perfume.

Nature First is not merely our name, it's an appeal, a priority and a commitment. Our mission is to reunite fellow citizens with Nature by virtue of growing plants in their own green space.

Vegetable Gardening

Workshops, products and services for newcomers as well as experienced gardeners.

Plant Nursery

Seeds, seedlings and saplings of vegetables and medicinal plants.        

Sustainable Farming

Self sustainable naturo-organic farm model.

Food and Nutrition

Abundance of scientific knowledge on health and wellness.

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Organizer: NatureFirst

Microgreens & kitchen herb gardening workshop

Learn how to grow wheat-grass, micro methi, micro amarnath and other micro leafies.
Grow your favourite Italian and Indian herbs in a mix herb caontainer.


Organizer: NatureFirst

Kokedama & string gardening workshop

Discover the simple pleasure of getting your hands dirty. Make your first ever Kokedama and take it home.


Organizer: NatureFirst

Gardening workshop on flowering & indoor houseplants

Learn how to develop beautiful home garden by growing ornamental plants at your front yard, terrace, balcony and windows.

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Kokedama Workshop

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Picking the right plants can go a long way in cutting down indoor pollutants and toxins

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Bundles of Joy

A novel Japanese technique has been captivating the interest of gardening enthusiasts in space-deprived cities.

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Work your green thumb

From soiless gardening to composting - here's a list of workshops for urban farmers

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.