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Home garden development and maintenance:

Do you wish to grow vegetables at your place? Want to develop your own kitchen garden? Would you like to grow Italian herbs and medicinal plants? How about beautiful flowering plants and plants that attract butterflies! Planning for good looking indoor plantations? REACH US, EMAIL US OR CALL US. We offer consultancy and services for home garden development; right from planning, material, execution, and annual maintenance of your garden.

Development and maintenance of Kitchen garden :

Leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruiting vegetables in pots, containers and growbags.
● Kitchen garden for window- 10 plants.
● Kitchen garden for balcony- 15 plants.
● Kitchen garden for terrace or yard- 20+ plants.
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Development and maintenance of ornamental garden:

Potted plants for the window, balcony and terrace.
● Flowering shrubs: Hibiscus, Roses, Ratrani, Champa etc.
● Flowering climbers: Passiflora, Allamanda, Bougainvillea, Jasmines etc.
● Indoor plants: Ferns, Syngoniums, Spider plant, Peace lily etc.
● Succulents: Jades, Snake plants, Haworthias, Aloes etc.
● Unique plants: Orchids, Anthurium, Adenium.
● Awesome miniatures and tabletops: Terrarium, Bottle garden, Dish garden and Kokedama.
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Development and maintenance of mix veggie and flower garden:

Pick your own favourite veggies, herbs, medicinal plants, flowering plants or indoor plants and develop a mixed customized garden that suits your home.

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