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Our Workshops

We conduct home gardening workshops for mumbaikars every saturday & sunday. Our workshops are ideal for beginners and amatear gardeners as well as seasoned gardeners at the same time. At our workshops, we provide authentic information which is relevant to Mumbai climate including gardening ideas, tips, resources and latest trends. Our workshop session is an enjoyable ride of wisdom with hands on practical training and detailed notes.

Workshop on Organic Vegetable Gardening:

The era of growing your own food in your home garden has now begun. Don’t miss the bus of urban agriculture and join this workshop to become a first generation city farmer.

❖ Learn how to grow your favorite vegetables successfully at home.
❖ Grow veggies in your yard garden, terrace garden, balcony or even windowsills.
❖ Growing vegetables in pots, containers and grow-bags.
❖ How to get regular & steady supply of fresh organic vegetables from your kitchen garden!
❖ Learn about Vegetable garden space, sunlight, seasons, seed sowing, gardening practices, Plant nutrition, plant protection, and harvesting.

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Workshop on Microgreen window farming and kitchen herbs:

Lack of space and scarce sunlight should not stop you from growing your own food at city apartments. Join this workshop to learn about food gardening, nutrition, healthy diet & aromatic flavours of fresh herbs.

❖ Microgreens are super healthy foods, a great addition to your salad, quick to harvest, can be grown in less sunlight, and with soilless gardening.
❖ Microgreens are perfect for window farming in city apartments.
❖ Learn how to grow wheat-grass, micro methi, micro leafies, micro carrots.
❖ Grow your favorite Italian and Indian herbs in a mixed herb container.

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Gardening workshop on flowering and indoor houseplants:

A beautiful flowering plant that you bought from nursery has now stopped blooming at your home? The foliage of indoor plants is looking dull? The succulents are dying? Join this workshop to solve all you home gardening queries about ornamental plants.

❖ Learn how to develop beautiful home garden by growing ornamental plants at your front yard, terrace, balcony, and windows.
❖ How to successfully grow flowering plants like Roses, Jasmines, Bougainvillea, Marigold, Hibiscus and many more.
❖ How to grow indoor foliage plants and shade loving flowering plants in your apartments.
❖ Highlight on Anthuriums, Adenium, and air purifying plants.
❖ Learn how to propagate the plants in your garden by seed sowing, stem cuttings, bulbs-rhizomes & splitting.
❖ Lecture, demonstration and practicals on potting & repotting, Potting mixtures, organic manures, pruning, natural pest remedies, gardening tips & hacks, question-answer session.

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Terrarium and bottle gardening Workshop:

Sometimes all you need is a tabletop landscape garden made of tiny toys and miniature plants grown inside a glass bowl. Join this workshop to learn the art and science of terrarium/ bottle gardening.

❖ Learn how to develop a miniature garden inside glass container.
❖ Make your first ever terrarium.
❖ Learn Basics, plant selection, material & methods, decor, types of terrarium and plenty more.
❖ Now you can grow greenery in far indoor locations.

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Kokedama and string gardening workshop:

Who wouldn't want to grow an air purifying indoor plants on a ball of soil covered with moss and decorative thread! Just the way japanese do it. Join this workshop and simply enjoy the experience.

❖ Make your first ever hanging Kokedama & take it home.
❖ Step by step instructions on Kokedama making with hands on practical session.
❖ Learn about the care and maintenance to keep your Kokedama alive in Mumbai climate.
❖ Make use of vertical space to develop a beautiful string garden.
❖ Discover how to enjoy the simple pleasure of getting your hands dirty.

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Herbal gardening workshop on medicinal plants:

India has an age old matriarchal tradition of home remedies backed by rich knowledge of ayurvedic medicinal plants. Join this herbal gardening workshop and lets together dive into the pool of ancient wisdom.

❖ ❖ Learn how to develop medicinal plants garden at home, terrace, balcony & window.
❖ Understanding the concept of 'आजीबाईचा बटवा': The Grandma's remedies.
❖ List of safe to use Ayurvedic plants & their medicinal properties for herbal home gardening.
❖ How to safely use medicinal plants in food for a healthy life.

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Workshop on growing orchids at home:

Hello city gardeners! Why aren't you growing enough orchids already? The most beautiful and curious looking flowers in the world deserve a separate spot for a workshop. Join this workshop on orchid gardening and get ready to be mesmerized.

❖ Understanding the Bizarre world of Orchids through botanical lenses.
❖ Orchid diversity: Types of orchids according to their characters, uniqueness, and ornamentation.
❖ Growing orchids: Horticultural aspects, Containers, growing media & manures.
❖ Care & maintenance of home grown orchids with respect to gardening practices and Climate of Mumbai.
❖ Introduction to various methods of Orchid propagation.

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